We use unity in a wide range of our own projects, both professional and personal. This leads to us developing tools that we use internally, but would also be useful to the unity community in general.

Some of these tools we release for free, others turn into full products. Below you will find a complete overview of both our free tools and the plugins that we sell.
Asset Configurator is a set of tools to allow you to quickly set up configuration options on your assets and generate a runtime UI that allows your players to preview these configuration options.

You are able to set up configuration options for; Toggle-able Scene Objects, Asset Animations, Asset Materials, Asset Blend shapes (Morphs), and well as “sub items” that can be toggled on and off on the assets.

The Asset Configurator UI can be used for a variety of purposes including; Character Selection Screen, Character / Unity Customization Screen, Item Customization Screen, and for generating scenes to demonstrate your own models.
The Archimatix Master Pack is the complete set of addon Tools and Nodes that 630Studios produces for Archimatix.

This pack contains everything found in the following packs.
  • Archimatix Shape Nodes
  • Archimatix Mesh & Material Nodes
  • Archimatix Pro Tools & Nodes
  • Archimatix Essentials
There are currently 9+ Tools, 23+ Nodes included from the above packages included in this package.
"Archimatix Essentials" is a collection of small tools and UI enhancements we have written that we think are essential to completing a good workflow in Archimatix.

Archimatix Essentials contains several new tools for Archimatix as well as a redesign on the Editor Graph UI.
Included Tools & Features
  • Graph Minimap - Quickly navigate from one side of the graph to the other at a click of the mouse.
  • Exposed Parameter Manager - View and Edit exposed parameters on the current working model without having to track down the node they are on.
  • Customizable Toolbars - Create multiple toolbars with the ability to display exactly the tools you want.
  • Layout Designer - View and Edit the shapes that are fed in to a shape merger in a 2D visual layout editor.
  • Right Click Menu - right clicking on the graph now brings up a menu allowing quick access to common AX functionality and tools
  • Graph UI redesign - The Editor Graph has been redesigned to remove the toolbars from the sides of the graph and make the top and bottom toolbars more compact to allow for more screen real estate.
Archimatix Pro Tools & Nodes is a set of Tools and Nodes for Archimatix that that brings the control over your AX models to the next level.
  • Perform scene wide changes with Scene Level Parameters for your graphs.
  • Import SVG path data to your graphs and use it to generate new shapes to use with the SVG Importer tool.
  • Control other AXModels in the scene directly from within your graph using the AXInstanceController.
  • Export your model for importing into other 3D applications like blender or maya using the objExporter tool.
The Mesh and Material Nodes for Archimatix is a set of expansion nodes that brings a whole new level of functionality to Archimatix when it comes to your Meshes and your Materials. This pack is all about giving you choices in your graph to create a wider range of diversity in your models.
Archimatix Shape Nodes
Shape Logic Nodes is a set of expansion nodes for Archimatix that focus on one of its core elements, SHAPES!.

Shape Logic nodes is intended to further extends Archimatix’s capabilities to quickly create a variety of models from a very basic graph. Each node is designed to bring something slightly different to the table as well as integrate seamlessly with existing Archimatix nodes.

The Shape Logic nodes focus on giving you the ability to "program" logic flow choices in to your graphs that ripple down.
Archimatix Basic Nodes
Logic Nodes Basic is a set of nodes for Archimatix that adds basic logic flow functionality to your graphs allowing you to dynamically alter fundamental elements that your model is composed of.
Archimatix Playmaker Actions
Archimatix Playmaker Actions is a set of PlayMaker actions designed specifically for use with Archimatix. These custom Actions allow you to seamlessly interact with an Archimatix Model at Runtime from within PlayMaker taking advantage of Archimatix’s built in runtime capabilities.

By taking advantage Archimatix’s runtime capabilities and integrating them into PlayMaker actions it has never been easy to create dynamic models.