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Shader Animation Studio for Unity

Shader Animation Studio is a Unity Editor extension that allows you to create mesh animations that control the position, rotation, and scale of individual sections of a single mesh as if they were individual parts allowing you to create a wide ranges effects for your models.

The animations are baked into the mesh itself and executed entirely on the GPU using the custom shader, which means no skinned mesh renderer is needed and your CPU is free to be used on your game logic.

The best part is Shader Animation Studio allows you to do all of this right inside the unity editor, using existing meshes and prefabs that you have to start creating new animations.

Look forward to Shader Animation Studio coming to the Unity Asset Store soon!

Single Mesh Output
Export your finalized animations to a single optimized mesh with the animation data baked directly into it.
Multiple Animation Types
You can apply Move, Rotate, Scale, Fade, and Dissolve effects to individual parts in your animation and combine them in a wide variety of ways to create truly unique and amazing animations.
Animated on the GPU
Shader Animation Studio allows you to design these animations then bake them to a special mesh to that these animations run entirely on the GPU freeing up your CPU to do other important things like control actual game logic.
Custom Editor Tool
Shader Animation Studio utilizes a custom editor to allow you to quickly and easily create and export new animations right inside the unity editor using existing meshes already in your project.
Shader Variations
Shader Animation Studio for Unity comes with 3 variants of the shader to allow you to tailor its use to your specific needs.
Models, Materials, and Textures
Shader animation studio comes with
  • A collection of Mesh Prefabs for you to use as parts in your animations.
  • 15 preconfigured model animations ready for your to use, or alter to your liking.
3 Demo Scenes
Shader Animation Studio for Unity comes with 3 custom demo scenes to help show off some of the different ways you can utilize and trigger the animations.
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