One of the biggest complaints about Unity has always been the inability to just draw something in the editor right there in the scene, and turn it into a mesh. Poly Doodle fixes that.

Poly Doodle is a 2D Shape, Spline, and Bezier editing tool with extrusion and exporting capabilities as well as a few other tricks up its sleeve.

Look forward to Poly Doodle coming to the asset store soon!
Clean and Intuitive UI
We feel that UIs should be as simple and straight forward to use and almost guide you through the process of using the tool without you having to refer to a step by step guide like its a piece of IKEA furniture. With that in mind Poly Doodle features a completely custom UI designed to drawing shapes and curves in the editor a breeze.
Real Assets & Integration
Poly Doodle creates real assets to represent the shapes and curves that you create. This allows you to save and edit them obviously, but it also allows you to integrate their use into your own projects and reference them easily on your own custom behaviours and scripts.
Export Capabilities
One of the biggest things when creating new foliage is the underlying meshes used to create them. Having a wide variety of good meshes is the foundation of creating beautiful looking flowers and plants and is why we have included an extensive collection of meshes, in a variety of categories, for you to build your foliage with.