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One of the biggest complaints about Unity has always been the inability to just draw something in the editor right there in the scene, and turn it into a mesh. Poly Doodle fixes that.

Poly Doodle is a 2D Shape, Spline, and Bezier editing tool with extrusion and exporting capabilities.
Example foliage created with Foliage Studio
Clean and Intuitive UI
We feel that UIs should be as simple and straight forward to use and almost guide you through the process of using the tool without you having to refer to a step by step guide like its a piece of IKEA furniture. With that in mind "Dank: Foliage" features a completely custom UI designed to make creating new foliage both intuitive and easy.
Save / Load Configurations
You would assume this one is a given, until you have purchased things on the asset store. So its worth mentioning that you can save and load you configurations.
Mesh Library
One of the biggest things when creating new foliage is the underlying meshes used to create them. Having a wide variety of good meshes is the foundation of creating beautiful looking flowers and plants and is why we have included an extensive collection of meshes, in a variety of categories, for you to build your foliage with.
Material Library
The single most important thing to getting started making great foliage is your textures and materials. Dank Foliage comes packed with an extensive collection of textures and materials covering grasses, leafs, flowers, and tree branches to get you started making amazing foliage quickly.
Custom Foliage Shaders
Dank Foliage includes a highly customizable set of foliage shaders with many unique features. Stylized leaves, translucency, vivid glowing patterns, an edge glow based on a custom distance field system that allows you to bake distances for your own leaf textures -- even a special Debug shader that lets you visualize wind, UVS, normals, and more as colors. Our goal is nothing less than the craziest, most colorful foliage shaders in the world.
Texture Atlas Generation
Foliage Studio can automatically generate a texture atlas and new material for stamped foliages allowing them to be rendered in a single draw call.