Publisher Edition Asset Configurator: Publisher Edition is a special edition of Asset Configurator that is freely available for Unity Publisher. This version can be distributed in your Asset Packages and used to generate demo scenes, as well as used in web builds to build web based previews of your assets. Asset Configurator: Publisher Edition may not be included in the development of end user games. For that please check out the offical version of Asset Configurator.
Asset Configurator: Publisher Edition has been made available for free to Unity Publishers thanks to collaboration between PROTOFACTOR, Inc and

If you like the tool please consider donating to help cover maintenance and upgrades of the publisher edition of Asset Configurator.
Configure Visible Scene Objects
Asset Configurator lets you easily configure a list of objects in the scene that you want the player to be able to toggle on and off and its built in UI dynamically populates itself with these objects.
Configure Equipment & Effects
Quickly configure lists of items and effects on the asset that the player can turn on and off. The Asset Configurator UI will dynamically populate the appropriate panels with controls to toggle these objects visibility.
Configure Asset Material Options
Asset configurator allows you to specify Material Option lists for the asset on a per Sub-Mesh basis. This allows your players to fully play with and preview the full range of skinning options available.
Configure Animations & Mecanim
Asset Configurator lets you easily control what animations are available for previewing on the asset, as well as generate a basic Mecanim Controller to more easily showcase your assets various animations.
Configure Blend Shape (Morphs)
Asset Configurator automatically detects blend shapes within a Mesh and allows you to configure them for use with its automatically generated UI.
Dynamically Generated UI
Easily Create
  • Character Selection screens
  • Character Customization screens
  • Unit Customization
  • Item Customization
  • Asset Demo Scenes